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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I'm a 43 year old Paramedic and Dispatcher and have had my share of back problems. I started seeing Dr. Tenny Lee some years ago for Chronic back pain and chronic numbness in my right hand. I also suffered from right shoulder and elbow pain. My regular doctor diagnosed me as having moderate to severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and recommended surgery.

I then sought a second opinion from Dr Lee and after X-rays he said he could help and said he didn't believe my pain and numbness was Carpal Tunnel. He suggested it was caused by a slight subluxation of two cervical spine vertebrae.

He then gave me a very non-envasive adjustment at or near C-1 Vertebrae and within two weeks the numbness in my hand and fingers was gone. The numbness lessened a little everyday and by the 14th day it was gone. My shoulder and elbow pain was gone too.

Since that first adjustment I have gone to see Dr Lee about 2 to 3 times per year as needed, basically when I feel I'm out of adjustment or when I feel that numbness and pain coming back. Every time I've gone to see Dr Lee he has given me a successful adjustment.

Dr. Lee has definitely improved my quality of life physically and I never did need that surgery. Thanks Dr. Lee.

Chris H.

Nausea and Back Pain

I went to see Tenny because I had minor back and neck pains and was also experiencing some dizziness. He explained to me his style of chiropractic care and how it differs from the majority of other chiropractic offices we see here in the bay area. In short, he's an upper cervical spine specialist and his adjustments are made to the upper most bones of the spine. These bones out of alignment can actually cause pains in other areas in the body like the legs, arms, and back. Unlike other places, he typically needs just one adjustment and you have follow up appointments to check if you were able to hold it. I have a science background and listening to Tenny explain to me how it works made a lot of sense so why aren't there more of these types of specialists around? I guess in corporate America, it's not one that makes the money because, for me, I only needed one adjustment and he never had to adjust me again. I did go back for a few follow-up appointments but I was released within a month. I went to other places to ask how much it would cost and how much time it would take and I was told 2-3 months and thousands of dollars more. Not to mention how frequently I would have to go, I saw Tenny once every week or two weeks as opposed to 2 times a week which is what I was told at other places. Within a month Tenny was able to relieve me of my back and neck pains. I no longer woke up feeling sore, didn't have problems sitting in front of a computer all day, and generally had more energy and strength.

I feel we are very fortunate to have a physician like Tenny around in the bay area. He is very attentive, patient, thorough, and has great bedside manner. Most importantly, he is very skilled in his profession. I had several questions for him and he was able to answer all of them giving me the comfort in knowing what was exactly going on with my body. The time that he gives to each patient is something that is not often seen in the healthcare industry anymore. I respect him as a physician and have already highly recommended him to my family and friends.

Monica C.

Mid Back Pain and Improved Athleticism

Jameson W.

I've had mid back pain and limited range motion in my neck prior to seeing Dr. Tenny Lee. After one visit I regained full range motion and lost the pain. Rather than having to go in 3-4 times a week for a month like other chiropractors, I have had to only go in 3-4 times for the first month and once a month after that.

Dr. Lee practices an upper cervical technique called NUCCA, and with this technique I was able to hold my adjustments longer than if i was receiving full spine care. Thanks to Dr. Lee, I can now swim free style with free range of motion in my neck again; no longer do I have to feel like I'm struggling to turn my neck when I'm side breathing.

Jameson W.

Problems Walking and Back Pain

For several months after throwing out my back, I've had some severe back pains. It got so bad that I had problems just walking. There were times when I could only take baby steps because of the pain. I felt like an old man, though I'm only 43. I thought maybe it was my old bed, so I tried sleeping on the floor, but that didn't help. When I finally went to see Dr. Lee, it only took one treatment and the pain went away. I thought it was almost miraculous. I was expecting a number of treatments for several months at the very least. And there wasn't any cracking of bones either. I was completely amazed. If I have any more spinal issues, I would definitely go back to Dr. Lee.

Charles W.

Shoulder and Back Pain

I'm a paramedic and injured my back earlier this year. I was seen by a chiropractor who helped with the swelling and pain, but I was not able to sleep without waking up soreness and tightness in my back. I went to see a massage therapist and took pills but still felt the soreness in the mornings. I went to see DR Lee, had x rays done, and one adjustment... on my neck. Didn't expect that would help my back, but it did. Not only that but DR Lee was able to adjust my right shoulder and since then I have not had any pain or soreness in my back. And the shoulder pain is gone too, which is crazy because I had that pain for as long as I can remember. Still can't believe that one adjustment was all it took. Dr. Lee explained his technique thoroughly and was very professional. I would gladly recommend him to anyone who has back pain or discomfort. Thanks again Tenny.

Son T.