Advanced Spinal Care East Bay

Our Mission

Our goal is to restore alignment to the spine, restore optimal function of the nervous system and ultimately restore optimum function and health of the body.

How do we help your body restore optimal function?

Our practice specializes in adjusting the most freely moveable and important bone in the entire spine, the Atlas. The Atlas is the first bone in the spine. All of the nerves of the body that control every function in the body (your heart rate, blood pressure, hormone production, etc) exit and enter the brain through the Atlas.

If the Atlas is misaligned, then nerve entrapment or impingement can occur. This can potentially lead to a host of problems within the body: insomnia, indigestion, difficulty breathing, migraine headaches, and to the most obvious, back pain. Hence, by restoring proper alignment to the Atlas, we are indirectly restoring optimum function and health of the body.

When should I get checked for misalignment?

It is important to get your Atlas regularly, don't wait for your body to go into a state of dis-ease or discomfort or pain to warn you that you have misalignment. Otherwise, your body will not be living and enjoying life at its optimum function and health.